BGT star Sydnie Christmas reveals she went straight back to her job despite winning £250,000

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Jul 4, 2024, 15:46

She may have won Britain's Got Talent, but singer Sydnie Christmas has admitted she still works out at her local gym.

Sydnie won the ITV competition last month with her stunning performance of Over the Rainbow.

Her victory meant that she was the first solo winner ever to win without a dog number.



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The win earned her £250,000, but she still works in her day job.

She is scheduled to sing at the Royal Variety Performance later this year and is preparing for a nationwide tour.

Sydnie revealed that after winning the golden buzzer at her audition, she came back down to earth in one fell swoop: “I did my audition and then went back to the gym to work out,” she said.

“Funny thing is, I'm still on the roster. I have to go to a meeting and say I definitely can't work right now,” she told The Sun.

In addition, she moved back in with her parents to save on rent.

She has released a single called “Starlight Express” and is working on an album and her “My Way” tour.

“When I found out about the tour, I thought I was just someone's warm-up act. When they told me it was my tour, I was like, 'Oh my God.'”

She said Simon Cowell told her: “I should choose my own path and take control.”

Before the final she said The mirror: “I’ve already had two weeks off – and I have a zero-hour contract. I have to pay rent!”

She also dismissed rumors that she already had a successful career and that the show was “rigged.”

“I almost threw in the towel on New Year's Eve,” she recalls, adding that she told her family that this was no longer a viable career,” she told Metro.

She added: “It just wasn't sustainable and I had tried seriously. But then I came to BGT.”

“It just shows that the moment has come when you are about to throw in the towel.”