Kentucky basketball will have a balanced KenPom ranking in March and go far

The Kentucky basketball team is taking shape and Mark Pope has assembled a roster that should be really good on both ends of the court.

Last season at BYU, Coach Pope's team finished 18th in KenPom scoring, 14th in offense, and 60th in defense. While that was better than Kentucky's numbers from last year, the problem is still the same. Coach Pope's team has a much better offensive rating than defense.

Coach Pope obviously wants to fix those numbers during his first season at Kentucky considering how he recruited players in the transfer portal. Amari Williams and Lamont Butler were two of the first players Coach Pope got through the portal and they are both top-notch defenders. Coach Pope was also able to sign Otega Oweh from Oklahoma, another great defensive player.

But don't worry, BBN, the Wildcats also boasted some elite offensive weapons, as Coach Pope signed Andrew Carr, Koby Brea and Jaxson Robinson, who will put a lot of points on the stat sheet every night.

The way Coach Pope has assembled this roster, the hope is that the Wildcats will finish in the top 20 in both offensive and defensive ratings on KenPom. Teams with those numbers are the ones that have a good chance in the NCAA Tournament.

Unlike last season, the 2024-25 Kentucky basketball team will be able to get stops so they don't have to win every game in the shootout. Coach Pope has assembled the perfect roster.