Steven Moffat delivers an exciting update on the Doctor Who Christmas special

The big picture

  • Steven Moffat hints at an emotional and unique Christmas special with Nicola Coughlan.
  • Moffat's decision to continue the emotional tone of the last season.
  • The return of the Christmas special is celebrated after a break under showrunner Chris Chibnall.

According to Radio times, Steven Moffatformer showrunner for Doctor Who and the author of the upcoming 2024 Christmas special, “Joy to the World,” has given an exciting update on what to expect from this year’s festivities. In particular, Moffat pointed to the Guest star of the special, Nicola Coughlanwho joins Doctor Who after a big year in 2024, in which she starred in the third season of Bridgerton. Speak with Ireland AMsaid Moffat, “Nicola is wonderful in it, she will break your heart. I'm not allowed to say anything about it. At least I don't think I'm allowed to say anything about it, so I'll just keep my mouth shut.”

It is no surprise that an emotional hour is ahead, after the end of the last season, in which Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) Finally find out the identity of her biological mother and even track them down and rekindle their relationship. The last episode certainly received mixed reviews, with many describe it as the worst performance of the seasonbut the emotional impact of this moment in particular cannot be doubted. It seems that Moffat will maintain this tone in the Christmas special, an episode that the author promises to be different from anything the audience has seen before. In a special behind-the-scenes conversation Youtube Speaking about the video, Moffat said: “I can't give much more away but work has already started on it and it's crazy, it's one of the craziest Christmas specials you'll ever see. It's epic, it goes to so many different places. And it's a great story about who the Doctor is when he's alone.”

Chris Chibnall has removed the Christmas specials for far too long

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Since the reboot of Doctor WhoThe Christmas special is an integral part of the show. From battling evil snowmen to deadly Christmas trees and even an encounter with Santa Claus himself, Doctor Who and Christmas go together like salt and pepperHowever, when the baton was passed from Moffat to the new showrunner Chris Chibnall In 2017, he made the strange decision to cancel the prime-time holiday spot and replace it with a New Year's special.

This was of course met with outrage when it was announced, and many fans are still not sure what thought process was behind this decision. Nevertheless, a return to the showrunner Russell T. Davies revived the Christmas specialwith the first returning episode, “The Church on Ruby Road”, also the first full episode for the new Doctor Ncuti GatwaIt remains to be hoped that the Christmas tradition will be preserved in the future, at least this year it is guaranteed to continue.

Author Steven Moffat has an exciting update for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special “Joy to the World”. You can now catch up on the latest season of the science fiction series on Disney+.

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