California's power grid braces for the first heat wave of the summer

SAN DIEGO (FOX 5/KUSI) — All eyes are on California's power grid to see how it weathers the first heat wave of the summer.

The California Independent Systems Operator, also known as CAISO, manages the flow of energy through the state and has not yet issued a Flex Alert. On Wednesday, they predicted there would be enough supply to keep up with demand on July 4, but that may change.

“We do not plan and have no plans to proactively shut off power to protect the safety of our customers, but as always with increasing heat, there is always the possibility of unplanned outages,” said Humberto Gurmilan, communications manager for San Diego Gas & Electric.

CAISO has issued a restrictive maintenance operation alert for the state, limiting equipment taking offline for maintenance as every supply is needed during this heat wave.

Due to wildfires, CAISO also declared a transmission emergency for areas in Northern California.

“We are interconnected with other states and the rest of the state of California, so there is always the possibility that the problems in the north will affect us as well,” Gurmilan continued.

Even a small change can affect the power grid.

“Make sure you don't use large appliances during peak hours, which is between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. I always try to cool our house down before those times and then set the thermostat to 78 (degrees) if you have it and it's safe. That helps save a lot of energy,” Gurmilan added.

To view CAISO's current supply and demand, visit Today's Outlook.

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