What the hell is a Toyota turtle? New trend, explained

In 2020, Allison Parliament sparked the “Jeep Ducking” or “Duck Duck Jeep” trend, in which Jeep owners placed rubber ducks on each other's vehicles and proudly displayed the gifted ducks on their dashboards. The trend went viral.

Recently, TikTok user and Toyota owner Shea Davenport (@shea_davenport) presented a new twist on the trend. On TikTok, she declared that “Jeep ducks are so last season.”

“We all know Jeep people have their little ducks, but have you heard of the Toyota Turtle?” she teased viewers, showing them a bright green toy turtle. In the video, another woman can be seen holding a box full of toy turtles identical to the one in Shea's hand.

Toyota turtles appear as a thing

“We only install Turtles on the most exclusive Toyotas, like this Corolla, which already has 400,000 miles on it, something a Jeep would never achieve,” jokes Shae.

Similar to the Jeep trend, Shea places the turtle on the dashboards of Toyotas. Over the course of the video, she “toyota turtled” across six different cars.

At one point, Shea meets the owner of a Toyota and pleads, “We can't let the Jeep guys have all the fun,” after explaining the turtle's significance.

While Jeeps are often revered as unique vehicles and their owners form a tight-knit community, Toyotas are known for their reliability and everyday usability. With her trend, Shea wants to give Toyota owners the same sense of appreciation and joy that Jeep fans enjoy.

At the end of the video, she asks viewers: “Let us know if you have a turtle!”

The viral video has over 2.3 million views and 11,300 total views.

Many Toyota owners criticized the new trend.

“I would scream (with joy) if someone put a Toyota Turtle on my car,” said one.

“My mom loves this! (She owns a Toyota.) Toyotas deserve toys too,” commented another.

The Toyota turtle was not only popular with Toyota users, other car owners also shared the names of possible mascots for their cars in the comments.

“We need to come together to get the Honda Hippos trend going,” wrote one viewer.

“OK, FORD FROGS, LET’S GO,” another shared.

“Nissan Narwhals anyone???” added one viewer.

@shea_davenport Jeep ducks are so last season. #ToyotaTurtle @Toyota ♬ Original sound – shea_davenport

“Kia koalas (I may have a Kia),” said another viewer.

The Daily Dot contacted Shea via a TikTok comment and Toyota via email.

Amara Thomas

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