Aphmau: Rise of Jessica Bravura's RPG Minecraft videos on YouTube

Jessica Bravura, known online as Aphmau, has built a vibrant Minecraft empire on YouTube.

Bravura, 34, has 21 million subscribers on YouTube and is known for her videos about role-playing on Minecraft servers.

Developers like Bravura use Minecraft to play out storylines that exist in the fantasy world. Bravura creates scripts and sometimes animated videos. She and her team develop original characters and storylines that appear in her numerous YouTube series, such as “My Street” and “Diaries Reborn.” She voices several of the characters and also hires voice actors and other developers.

Bravura is not an overnight success. She started her YouTube channel over 11 years ago. The oldest video on her main channel shows her playing Minecraft and has 1.4 million views.

Talent management firm Night signed Bravura in 2021 and has been managing and expanding their business ever since.

Aphmau at VidCon

Aphmau installation at VidCon.

VidCon, Amanda Perelli/Business Insider

Aphmau drew huge crowds at VidCon 2024

Bravura was by far the biggest star of this year's VidCon, the creative industry's largest annual conference, speaking on several panels that drew large groups of young fans and mingling with audience members at a meet-and-greet.

She also had the most impressive installation at the event. Her display included several purple cat-themed carnival games, including skeeball, cotton candy, a giant gumball machine, and booths selling merchandise.

Bravura's videos often feature cats, and the main character in her series transforms into a cat named Sprinkles.

She has her own production company called CatFace

Bravura has about 80 in-house employees and contractors, including a YouTube producer, production manager and video editor employed by her Austin-based production company, CatFace.

Your company produces and sells branded goods

In addition to her YouTube videos, CatFace also runs her own merchandise line, MeeMeows.

MeeMeows sells Aphmau-branded merchandise, such as plush toys of her signature feline character, clothing, and other accessories.

Minecraft at VidCon

Fans and YouTube Gaming's Minecraft installation at VidCon.

VidCon, Amanda Perelli/Business Insider

Bravura is part of a trend of Minecraft streamers whose popularity is increasing on YouTube

Bravura was recently nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award in the “Favorite Gamer” category.

As with other Minecraft streamers, including the hugely popular “Dream,” Bravura's wild and sustained success on YouTube over the years has shown that, even though the game has been around for 15 years, developers streaming themselves playing it aren't going away.