Is Chandler's funeral film real or fake?

A Friends Reunited Trailer has sparked debates among fans about its authenticity. The trailer shows the main cast of Friends at Chandler's funeral. With the rapidly increasing popularity of fan-made trailers, fans sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference between real and fake. This has led to fans questioning the authenticity of this trailer as well.

Is this latest Friends trailer even real? Will there be another reunion movie? Find out all the answers here.

Is the trailer for Friends Reunited real or fake?

The trailer for Friends Reunited is fake and made by fans.

Screen Culture, a YouTube channel best known for creating fan-made trailers, recently posted this Friends Reunited trailer online. The video is a compilation of movies and TV shows featuring the original Friends cast members. It also includes AI-generated clips and footage from Max's TV special Friends: The Reunion (2021). The first scenes show Matthew Perry's Chandler's funeral, alluding to the late actor's sudden death in 2023. The trailer also appears to feature AI-generated voiceovers from the actors.

Check out the fan-made trailer below:

Will there be a Friends reunion movie after Matthew Perry's death?

It's unlikely that there will be a Friends reunion movie or series, as creator Marta Kauffman previously dismissed the possibility. And now, after Matthew Perry's death, the chances have dropped even further.

In a previous conversation with Deadline, Kauffman revealed that they are not looking forward to a reunion or reboot in the future. This is because the show has already reached a satisfying ending and they did not want to give it away. She explained: “We are not going to do a reunion show, we are not going to do a reboot. The show was about the time in life when friends are your family. It's not going to top what we did.”

Previously, Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel in Friends, also gave her opinion on why there was no reunion film in a Variety interview. She explained that despite the fans' and the cast's wishes, the producers did not give the green light. “Because our producers did not want it and would not have allowed us to. Look, it was not without our wish because our fans wanted it so much,” she added. Following Kauffman and Aniston's comments, the possibility of a Friends reunion film remains uncertain for now.

Will the original Friends cast return for a Friends reunion movie?

The chances of the original cast of Friends returning for a reunion are slim, as the project itself is unlikely to happen.

Previously, Aniston and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) expressed their enthusiasm for a reunion film. Both actresses called the idea of ​​a possible reunion “funny,” reported The Direct. However, they are aware that the chances of a reunion are slim.