Celestial brings evolutionary history and “A Christmas Carol” to life with drones

Following hugely successful, sold-out shows in Bristol, Cardiff, Wolverhampton and Nottingham, the UK's leading drone show entertainment company is returning to stadiums across the UK from September. The events are brought to you by Celestial (makers of drone light shows for brands around the world), Yuup (the local experience company) and nationwide venue partners. The shows are suitable for families and individuals of all ages, and visitors will be given an introduction to the cutting-edge drone technology before experiencing the actual drone demonstration.


Evolution, the drone light show, presents the very latest in creative entertainment with this mesmerizing celebration of the living world. Audiences will be immersed in an event of epic proportions that will deploy hundreds of drones in the night sky, fusing cutting-edge technology and creativity to inspire the imagination and touch the soul.

The story begins with the Big Bang, the explosive birth of the universe, before embarking on a journey to the remarkable origins of conscious life on Earth.

Evolution offers epic storytelling with themes of transformation, growth and an eternal dance of change. From single-celled organisms, awe-inspiring dinosaurs and the rise of modern humans. Evolution is a captivating homage to the past, an appreciation of the present and a glimpse into the horizons of the future.

John Hopkins, co-founder and CEO of Celestial, comments: “Evolution was four Years of preparation. This is so much more than a drone light show, it is a stadium-scale experience created to bring audiences together using a new medium, the sky, to tell the story of time.”

A Christmas song

Watch Charles Dickens' timeless Christmas classic come to life in the night sky for a captivating new animated drone light show. A Christmas Carol the drone light show presents the very latest in creative entertainment with a magical celebration of the Christmas spirit. Watch famous characters come to life in the sky as you are taken on a heartwarming journey through the immortal story of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve and his ghostly visitors who lead him to a profound transformation.

Spend an unforgettable time with your friends and family. Enjoy the magic in the sky, Holiday classics in the Food Village and a world-class stadium experience where every seat offers a front row view of the biggest stage in the world – the sky.

“A Christmas Carol is a popular story that has been told time and again throughout the country. different genres. This time it is presented in a unique way through drone art, elevating it beyond a traditional drone light show to an epic stadium-scale experience. This innovative artistic medium brings audiences together through a shared sense of wonder to celebrate a universal story of human transformation,” comments John Hopkins.