Why it works

Skincare is simple. Stop stripping your skin, start focusing on boosting and protecting your skin barrier. Repeat daily for minimum 30 days to get real results.

When the skin barrier is at its best, it keeps all the bad stuff out and your skin will be happy and healthy. All our products are made to work with and for your skin barrier. We use a science-backed approach to choosing active ingredients at effective levels that protect the skin barrier at the cellular level. And why is this relevant to you? 

As an active body, your skin barrier is more exposed to free radicals than the average body. This means that your skin barrier is attacked daily. And that’s why it’s even more important you use products that have been developed to deliver high performance results with the skin barrier in mind.

What's the skin barrier?

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin and works as a protective barrier. It protects against free radicals and prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). This skin layer is constantly challenged as you’re exposed to free radicals. 

When this layer is healthy, your skin feels awesome. But if the skin barrier gets damaged, you’ll experience dry, dull or irritated skin, or breakouts. The reason being that the skin loses its ability to keep skin cells together, which ultimately leaves your skin vulnerable to free radicals that can affect the skin’s deeper layers.

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Broadly speaking, your skin consists of three layers:

  1. Epidermis: This is the skin barrier, also called stratum corneum, which is your skin’s first line of defense against free radicals. 
  2. Dermis: The middle skin layer which is primarily made up by collagen and elastin to provide strength and flexibility to your skin. It’s also where hair follicles grow. 
  3. Hypodermis: The deepest skin layer which is closest to the muscle with an important function to insulate the body and absorb shock and damage to internal organs.

The skin barrier is basically a system of cells and lipids that together form a shield on your skin — picture it like a brickwall. As illustrated above, the cells are like bricks in your skin barrier. But to keep them together (think mortar), you need lipids like ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids — enter high performance skincare products with the right active ingredients at the effective levels.

When the skin barrier is at its best, your skin feels awesome. But if it’s damaged, free radicals can penetrate your skin and potentially cause harm to your body. Free radicals can be generated by an array of external aggressors, which can affect your skin barrier.

If you find yourself exposed to one or more aggressors, it’s even more important to make sure to boost and protect your skin barrier:

  • Aging

  • UV exposure

  • Over-exfoliating

  • Air pollution

  • Exercise & sweat

  • Harsh chemicals

  • Dry or humid climate

  • Emotional stress

Whether the skin barrier is broken or not, the key to happy and healthy skin comes with a simple routine with the rightactive ingredients in every product at the effective levels. This both rebuilds a damaged skin barrier and protects your skin barrier.

Active ingredients backed by science

To get long long-term results from your skincare routine, it’s important that your products contain multiple active ingredients that work in the upper and deeper layers of your skin. One super super-hyped active ingredient (think hyaluronic acid) cannot do it all by itself. It needs to work together with more active ingredients to get your skin happy and healthy.

That’s why all our products have been developed with multiple active ingredients – backed and proven to work by science. Not all active ingredients work well in all product types — you need to consider the delivery system, application form and lots of other factors to figure out if it’ll do any good for your skin. But don’t worry — we did the research when formulating our products. This means you’ll only find active ingredients in our products that perform well standalone but even better when used in a simple routine together.

Simple skincare routine for high performance results

Simple is often better. And that’s also the case in skincare routines. To get a healthy skin barrier, science recommends a simple routine consisting of just four steps, while adding the right active ingredients in each product at each step (we did this for you — you’re welcome).

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