Packaging with a story

The skincare industry is dirty with more than 120 billion units produced yearly — yet only a fraction are made with recycled materials. At Relevant, we make a stand for responsible products that are good for your body and our planet.

How we recycle

We use ocean plastic

To preserve the planet we need to design for a circular loop. Most of our packaging is fully recyclable and made from 63% recycled materials. We use old fishing nets, water bottles, and household waste. If we demand more recycled materials, we can end landfill and ocean waste, support a circular economy, and reduce the amount of fossil fuels from virgin materials. Read more →

Our packaging

Get to know our packaging materials and how to recycle them





Material type

Mixed materials (PP from virgin material and metal).

Recycled materials


How to recycle

Cannot be recycled at this moment, as it contains a metal part to ensure maximum functionality for you when using the product. We work on finding alternatives that are recyclable. Dispose the pump into the conventional bin.

Screw tops

Shipping boxes

Material type


Recycled materials

50% - 100%.

How to recycle

Dispose the box into the paper and cardboard bin. Always check your local disposal process.

Why recycled?

Most skincare packaging is made from fossil fuels which have a devastating impact on the environment. At Relevant, we don't believe the world needs more virgin material - we simply need to recycle what we already have.

And we think you should choose recycled too. Doing so means we can significantly reduce the need for fossil fuels in production, as our material can be recycled again and again. And the best part? By keeping it in a closed loop we can prevent landfill and ocean waste.

In many circles, plastic has a wrong perception. It's however one of the most sustainable packaging materials available. We just need to recycle it.

CO2e in a life cycle perspective [1]

*Million tonnes of greenhouse gases emission (MtCO2eq)

[1] Imperial College London (2019). Examining Material Evidence, The Carbon Fingerprint.

After having evaluated the material to alternatives and consulted multiple domain experts, we quickly decided on recycled plastic as our main packaging type. Here's why:

  • It ensures the safety of our formulas.
  • It's lightweight, making it easy, cheap and eco-friendly to ship.
  • It emits less CO2e compared to alternatives like aluminium, paper and glass over their lifetime.
  • Its molecular structure makes it easy to recycle again and again.