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At Relevant, we make uncompromising skincare with active, organic, and vegan ingredients inspired by our own Nordic backyard.

All-in-one kit featuring four body care essentials for ultimate skin treatment. Developed for all skin types, including sensitive or troubled skin.


Nourishing Body Serum and Body Lotion that boosts and moisturises the skin. Rich in hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vitamin C.


Effective body care kit that repairs and strengthens the skin’s natural balance. Developed for all skin types, including dry or troubled skin.


Moisturising Body Wash and Body Lotion that gently cleanses and leaves the skin soft and nourished. Rich in aloe vera, niacinamide and ceramides.


Protective Deodorant and Body Lotion that keeps the skin fresh and nourished all day. Rich in niacinamide and ceramides.


Cleansing Body Wash and Body Exfoliator that gently cleanses and revives the skin. Rich in aloe vera, lava stones and antioxidants.


Active ingredients

All products are made with a high amount of active ingredients. This is the foundation to ensure an actual and visible effect on your skin.

Recycled packaging

We use recycled materials from old fishing nets, water bottles, and household waste. It reduces CO2 footprint and landfill waste.

Made in Denmark

We are proud to say that all products are produced in Denmark. This ensures sustainable and responsible conditions.